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What is Financial Inclusion and why is it important?

Financial inclusion means that individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs. Whether that is bank accounts, payments, savings, investments, credit or insurance. The main components of financial inclusion are financial education, product awareness and accessibility.

Research has shown that financial inclusion could be improved if the information gap between financial products and individuals was smaller and their financial needs and preferences were met. Special measures would also be needed to encourage women to become financially literate.

It is apparent that financial inclusion cannot be enabled by technology alone.

At Hamara Paisa our innovation is the educational strategies and service we provide whether that is helping our customers to access the product most beneficial to them or providing an educational program that will change their behaviour towards banking, how they save & how they utilise their money.

The Benefits of Financial Inclusion


What can Financial Inclusion do for Pakistan?

According to research every 1% increase in banked population equates to 3.6% increase in GDP, which would be beneficial for a country's economy. You can make Pakistan's Economy stronger by banking your money. Book your services today to find the best product for you.


Reducing inequality divide & gender gap.

Access to financial education and products can reduce inequality divide & gender gap. It provides the ability and tools to manage and save money whilst equipping them with the skills to make the right financial decisions.


Participation provides financial benefits.

Participation within the financial system leads to several benefits including:

  • Ability to start and grow a business
  • Being able to plan for an education for their children, this in turn enables a new generation of educated individuals
  • The ability to handle uncertainties that require unexpected expenditures

Enables. Empowers. Promotes

Financial inclusion enables potential & empowers men, women & whole communities. This in turn promotes:

  • Investment within the community, provides jobs & invigorates economies
  • Equality both within the community & within families

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